You don't have to Swim, Paddle, and Skate in order to Get Stoked. Choose 1 SPORT and enjoy America's 1st Tri-Sport Fitness Festival. If you want to challenge yourself, compete in all 3 Get Stoked sports. YOU CAN REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE EVENT, HOWEVER, REGISTRATION ONLY ALLOWS FOR ONE REGISTRATION PER TRANSACTION.

June 4, 2014

Unfortunately, the Get Stoked festivals have been cancelled as our team looks into other opportunities to help grow and improve the sports that were included in the festival so that it can become more popular in the future. The current registrant pool will not allow us to create the festival and experience that Get Stoked participants deserve. Get Stoked events in Peachtree City, GA (June 27th – June 29th), Rock Hill, SC (July 11th – 13th) and Gaston, OR (August 29th – 31st) will not take place in 2014. Our team must reconsider its marketing initiatives and plans to build something better and bigger for athletes in the future.

On behalf of the Get Stoked organization, we apologize for the cancellation, but hope that we have announced this in a timely fashion that should not inconvenience those already expecting to participate. We will gladly reimburse every single participant that has already registered.

We hope that everyone will have the opportunity in his or her lifetime to Get Stoked!



Your Get Stoked Team