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9 Round Rock Hill



625 Crown Pointe Lane

Rock Hill, SC 29730



Twitter: @9RoundRockHill

  • 15 min warm up session for Get stoked participants

Att A- The end of Boring Cardio



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FAQ – Paddle

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  • How many competitors are allowed on the SUP racecourse at one time?

o   Plan for a maximum of 200 SUP competitors for each race.

  • Do I need to bring a paddleboard?

o   No, paddleboards are available for rent at each of the events.


  • SUP race- Am I going to get wet/ do I need to know how to swim? 

o   You will be paddling on water, so getting wet is a possibility. We recommend wearing quick dry clothing or a bathing suit.

  • Do I need to wear a leash when I paddle?

o   This is up to your discretion.

  • Do I need a life preserver for the SUP races?

o   No, that is a personal choice.

FAQ – Skate

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  • Can I use land paddles?

o   Yes, you can use land paddles.  There will be a SSUP division if more than 5 competitors register.

  • Do I need to wear a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards for the skate race?

o   Yes you are required to wear a helmet, you will not be permitted to race without one. All other safety equipment is up to the participant.

  • What size wheels and longboard are required?

o   Wheels cannot be larger than 150mm, please refer to the rules as stated in the IDSA rulebook found here: http://www.board-up.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/IDSA-Official-Rules.pdf

  • Can I use an electric skateboard?

o   Yes, you can participate with an electric skateboard but you will not qualify for medal or the triathlon.

  • Are teams allowed?         

o   No, teams are not allowed to compete this year. We do encourage team spirit, so wear your color or logos etc. proudly.

  • What is endurance skateboarding/Longboarding?

o   Longboarding is the art/sport/hobby of riding a long skateboard, from 24″ to 80″.


o   You don’t have to skate to compete on the road course… All roller sports and runners are welcome to run our course… they will receive an official time but will not be considered for awards.

FAQ – Swim

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  • I’ve heard that an open water swim is rough, how crowded will the water be with swimmer at one time?

o   Plan for a maximum of 700 swimmers and approximately 50 swimmers per start of the race to be sent off in 2-minute waves.

  • Can I compete wearing a wetsuit?

o   Yes, you may wear a wetsuit and will be entered into that category.

  • What is the water temperature? 

o   We anticipate that all three lakes will have water temperatures in the mid 70s.

  • Why do I have to race in the swim cap they gave me? What material is the swim cap?

o   You have to swim with a swim cap for safety purposes, if you remove your cap during the swim and stop your forward motion, race officials will ask you to exit the water. The swim cap we provide is made of latex, you can use your own swim cap of choice with permission. Please send request to the race director.

  • I need to show proof of current United States Masters Swimming (USMS) membership to participate in the Open Water Swim?

o   No membership required to compete at Get Stoked

  • Can I have my coach with me?

o   Yes, you may have your coach with you. If he needs to go alongside you, he must register to compete as well.

  • Can I wear my ear plugs and/or eyewear?

o   Yes, ear plugs and eye wear is permitted.

  • Can I wear fins?

o   Yes, fins are permitted however you will be in a separate category.

  • This is my first open water swim, any tips?

o   You don’t win the race on the start, do not try to start in the middle of the pack as you will be kicked and elbowed in that section.  Swim with a buddy, that can help ease any tension.

o   Yes, we will have weather conditions and changes listed at GetStoked.com home page if required beginning Wednesday before the event date.

  • Will you have body marking available?

o   Yes, we will have volunteers on hand in each city to mark the swimmers.

  • Will there be feeders for the swim race?

o   No, the races are shorter than distances that require feeders.