Introducing The Collegiate Cable Tour

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Empire Wake has once again expanded college wakeboarding in the right direction. With the huge success of the Collegiate Wake Series in the past 3 years, and the growing interest in college wakeboarding as a whole, incorporating cable riding just seems like it’s the right move at the right time.

While collegiate wakeboarding is expanding rapidly, Cable riding is growing even faster. All around the country, parks are popping up everywhere. Thanks to the efforts of the Wake Park Project and Pat Panakos, now parks are equipped with Unit features and nicer facilities.

“It seems our sport is progressing on every front except collegiate cable.  This event series is exactly what we need.” –Pat Panakos, Wake Park Project

The Collegiate Cable Tour is coming to a park near you in March 2012. The tour begins at Texas Ski Ranch in March, then heads to OWC, and ends at the cable park of the year, Hydrous.

“Hydrous is very excited to host the Collegiate Cable Tour in April,” says Victor Toledo, owner of Hydrous.  “The best collegiate cable riders in region will be competing here and that is really exciting to be a part of.”

Each event will host teams that have registered with the tour through Empire Wake.  The teams who compete will be ranked and invited to the first ever Collegiate Cable Championships in September.

Throughout the day, the park will be open to the pubic to watch and ride. The sponsoring board companies will be hosting demos before and after the event, as well as during the hour break in the middle.

Other companies supporting the tour will be on site to sample and demo as well. Look for Gibbons Slacklines, and Voda Trampboards, to offer up a good time in between sets.

Red Bull will also be on site kicking out the beats, energy and after parties on site!

Riders must be a current student enrolled at a university and part of their respective team.

To find out all the details and info check out EMPIRE U (

Tour Dates:
March 24th – Texas Ski Ranch
March 31st  – Orlando Watersports Complex
April 14th – Hydrous Wake Park

The support so far: Red Bull, Go Pro, Ten-80, Three, Slingshot, Smith Optics, Alpinestars, Gibbons Slacklines, Voda Trampboards, and CWB.

Alliance Girl: Nayara

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Alliance Girl: Nayara by Joey Wright

Magic Hour- Full Length Film

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[Magic Hour]: The time of the day when the stars have aligned in some other time zone, but for that one hour, dawn or dusk, for a short time, everything is perfect. The wind has calmed, the sun gave way to perfect lighting, and the boat is loaded with weight, fuel and friends. There is no other feeling quite like carving across a cove of uncharted glass, launching off a double-up back lit by the sun or looking down at the water and seeing nothing but determination and pure bliss staring back at you. This is “Magic Hour” and this is what wakeboarding is all about.

As a sequel to their debut wake film, “A Single Day”, Remedy Films followed the events and progression of the Georgia and Alabama wake scenes, driven by Singleton Marine Group in the summer of 2011. The film was shot across 4 lakes and all of SMG’s local events.

Remedy used an array of equipment to shoot “Magic Hour”. Much of the over-cranked (slow-mo) shots were captured with the RED One and the Panasonic hpx-500. Also in our hands were multiple Canon 7d’s mounted up with Canon L and Zeiss glass, GoPro Hero HD’s and a Panasonic hpx-170. The Kessler Cineslider was used for any moving timelapses.

Support the Artists! All their music can be found on iTunes.

2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Byerly Toe Jam: Overall

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Check out all the action at the 2011 Rockstar Energy Drink Byerly Toe Jam.

Don’t Look Back – Si Powell

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You know that northern bloke who winches all the time and rides boat at Port Haverigg? Well he’s only gone and spent a few weeks in the Philippines adding cable riding to his repertoire! We love Simon, he rides his little heart out all year round, and documents absolutely everything. A lot of riders, both wake and skate, could learn from him – just don’t look back at the dock and claim your hammers!
So enjoy 3-minutes of gratuitous aqua-planking at CWC with Mr Powell.